What's Christmas to You? (Extended Cut)

by Steevy X.

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It's the holidays again, and I've officially written a Christmas song now. Check it out, and enjoy!


Once again, the bells are ringing
Time to snuggle under the covers
The children, caroling and singing
But who really understands?

I wish you could give it to me, plain and simple
I'm seeing streets full of people, laughter and chuckle
Before the snow starts to fall
My cold cold heart wants a talk

What's it really to you?
What's it really to you?
Is it the brand new Barbie doll for Stephy?
Is it the new monster truck for Timmy?

Index finger taps on the table
There's a mother who hasn't seen her son in months
He wants her to get closer, closer, closer
But she's in Alabama and New York is a long way from home

You can send in your card and all your wishes
Or bake a chocolate cake to show you appreciate it
Yet you can't beat the weight of a hug and a smile
Just say that you're proud of them now
Why won't you come with me?

And ask
What's it really to you?
Is it the melody of the Mariah Carey song?
Is it how Scrooge realizes he's been so wrong?
Or is it that you get to see your wifey?
Or is it that you kiss them so passionately?
Or is it how your puppy begs you to pet his belly?
Or is it just how you get to be so happy?

What's it really to you?
What's it really to you?

Ding dong, ding dong
It's that time of the year
You hear the children singing
You see people shopping
You see the trees
All the trees all the trees all the trees in the those streets
Mom and Dad are putting decorations on the trees
But what's it really to you?
What I'm trying to say
Is for you to keep in mind
Just to keep this in mind
This isn't just a holiday
What's it really to you?


released December 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Steevy X. New York, New York

I piano. I sing. I guitar. I beatbox. I record. I produce. I mix. I live. I die.

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